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Ryan Hoke, meteorologist at WAVE3 in Louisville, became the 6th local TV meteorologist to participate in our Partners Operational Weather Simulation (POWS) program at NWS Louisville on Thursday, November 10. The training, conducted on our Weather Event Simulator (WES), is designed to give our partners a firsthand experience of what it is like to be responsible for issuing potentially life-saving warnings as the radar analyst for a past severe weather event. After each major hazardous weather event in our area, we archive the data so that we can train on that event later.

After a briefing to discuss the environmental setting, current radar trends, WES knobology, and how to issue a warning, Ryan was on his own to analyze data and issue warnings for severe thunderstorms and/or tornadoes as needed for the case. The simulation included receiving reports as thunderstorms raced through the area, similar to real time on the day of the event. Effective communication between the NWS, broadcast meteorologists, hazard mitigation officials, and first responders is critical during severe weather.

In the images below, Mr. Hoke analyzes radar data on the WES, while Science and Operations Officer Ted Funk (bottom image) monitors his progress.

We hope many more of our TV friends from Lexington, Bowling Green, Evansville, and Louisville, as well as other NWS partners, take advantage of this exciting opportunity!


Ryan Hoke 1

Ryan Hoke 2