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Heat and Monsoonal Conditions This Week

Dangerous heat will build across portions of the West through this week where new daily record highs are forecast. Monsoonal showers and thunderstorms may result in flash flooding and debris flows for portions of Southwest into the Four Corners and central Rockies through at least the midweek. Stationary frontal boundary across the South and Southeast will focus showers and thunderstorms. Read More >

April was an active month, with many rounds of showers and thunderstorms.  The most significant event of the month took place on the 2nd-3rd when an east-west line of heavy thunderstorms lined up along the length of the Ohio River.  Four to six inches of rain fell along the I-64 corridor from Hoosier National Forest through Louisville to Lexington.  Flash flooding was widespread, and many area rivers went out of their banks.

On the 7th-8th another band of heavy rain set up in almost the same place, with one to three inches of rain falling along I-64.  By mid-month many locations were already experiencing a top ten wettest April and were dealing with extensive flooding.

Five of the first nine days of the month experienced severe weather in the form of large hail and damaging winds.  On the 7th, baseball sized hail struck Garrard County and EF-0 tornadoes touched down in Madison County and Perry County.

The second half of the month was much quieter.  The most impactful system in the second half of the month was a series of strong thunderstorms that dropped large hail on parts of central Kentucky, including 3" diameter hail in Danville.  Also, a squall line pushed through southern Kentucky with strong winds and two small tornadoes.

  Average Temperature Departure from Normal Rain Departure from Normal Snow Departure from Normal
Bowling Green 60.2° +2.5° 9.08" +4.74" 0 -0.2"
Frankfort 55.9° +0.7° 11.24" +7.55"    
Lexington 56.5° +1.2° 11.41" +7.81" 0 -0.3"
Louisville Bowman 58.7° +1.6° 9.83" +5.75"    
Louisville International 60.2° +2.2° 10.84" +6.83" 0 -0.1"



2nd:  Record rainfall of 1.17" at Louisville
3rd:  Record rainfall of 5.26" at Frankfort (new record for April), record rainfall of 5.17" at Lexington (new record for April), record rainfall of 5.64" at Louisville (new record for April)
7th:  Record rainfall of 1.96" at Frankfort, record rainfall of 1.21" at Louisville
9th: record warm low of 69° at Bowling Green

4th wettest April on record at Bowling Green
2nd wettest April on record at Frankfort, 8th wettest month of all-time
2nd wettest April on record at Lexington, 6th wettest month of all-time
3rd wettest April on record at Louisville