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The most notable things about this August were the heat, frequent rain, and high humidity.There were many days with scattered showers and thunderstorms, which kept the landscape green. The frequent showers and lush landscape led to uncomfortably high humidity for much of the month.

The region experienced its first August tornado in 14 years when a small shower near Glasgow on the 20th produced an EF-0 twister that was on the ground for about a mile and a half. The tornado touched down at approximately 5:30 PM CDT in a cornfield near Morrison Park Road, just east of Tompkinsville Road. The tornado moved east-northeast, roughly paralleling Morrison Park Road, flattening corn on several farms. Structural damage was observed on one farm, where the roof was torn off a large metal outbuilding, and minor damage occurred to several other buildings as a result of this debris. Several trees were snapped or uprooted before the tornado lifted at 5:33 PM CDT, just east of Highway 90.

  Average Temperature Departure from Normal Rain Departure from Normal
Bowling Green 80.5° +3.0° 5.16" +1.83"
Frankfort 79.0° +3.8° 4.35" +0.99"
Lexington 78.7° +3.4° 6.54" +3.29"
Louisville Bowman 80.4° +2.9° 6.89" +3.58"
Louisville International 81.2° +2.8° 5.71" +2.38"



1st: Record rainfall of 3.07" at Lexington
11th: Record warm minimum of 75° at Lexington
12th: Record warm minimum of 77° at Bowling Green
13th: Record warm minimum of 75° at Frankfort, record warm minimum of 76° at Lexington
20th: Record rainfall of 1.69" at Louisville
25th: Record warm minimum of 78° at Louisville
27th: Record warm minimum of 76° at Louisville

6th warmest August on record at Frankfort
8th warmest August on record at Lexington
9th warmest August on record at Bowling Green and Louisville
10th wettest August on record at Lexington

This is a still from drone footage showing the path of a weak tornado through a corn field near Glasgow on the 20th. Courtesy Tracy Shirley