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We had a warm and wet August, though there was very little severe weather. The strongest storms came on the evening of the 15th when a small squall line moved up the Ohio River west of Louisville. French Lick, Indiana recorded a 67 mph wind gust, and in Breckinridge County a barn was damaged and a dryer was lofted into the air and dropped onto a vehicle.

On the evening of the 19th a solitary shower formed right over Louisville and dumped nearly four inches of rain in two hours on the Highlands. And yet, Louisville Bowman received only 0.29" and Louisville International received nothing!

However, just three days earlier several rounds of thunderstorms had dropped torrential rain on SDF, adding up to more than 3". It was Louisville's 5th wettest August day on record.

Though the month ended up on the warm side of normal, no individual day was more than 9 degrees warmer (or cooler) than normal at any of the five main climate sites in central Kentucky.


  Average Temperature Departure from Normal Rain Departure from Normal
Bowling Green 78.9° +1.4° 4.24" +0.91"
Frankfort 76.5° +1.3° 7.24" +3.88"
Lexington 76.2° +0.9° 5.21" +1.96"
Louisville Bowman 79.1° +1.6° 6.04" +2.73"
Louisville International 79.5° +1.1° 7.23" +3.90"



1st: Record cool high of 76° at Frankfort
11th: Record rainfall of 1.30" at Frankfort
16th: Record rainfall of 3.18" at Louisville (also 5th wettest August day on record)
26th: Record warm low of 73° at Frankfort
27th: Record warm low of 74° at Frankfort, record warm low of 78° at Louisville
28th: record warm low of 74° at Bowling Green, record warm low of 77° at Louisville
29th: Record warm low of 72° at Frankfort, record warm low of 73° at Lexington
31st: Record rainfall of 1.21" at Louisville

5th wettest August on record at Louisville
6th wettest August on record at Frankfort


Storm south of Lexington

An isolated storm south of Lexington on the 8th. Courtesy @kyanimalguy on Twitter