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Low pressure moving along a frontal boundary over the Tennessee Valley brought widespread rain to the region on the 15th, with a band of snow stretching from central Kansas through southern Indiana to central Ohio. Little York in Washington County reported 1.5" of snow, and 2" fell on Madison. The following day rains continued in southern Kentucky, causing minor flooding in spots that flood easily. A swift water rescue was performed in Brush Creek north of Liberty.

Very warm air enveloped the region from the 23rd to the 29th with highs each day in the 60s in most locations. Louisville set a new record high on Christmas Day when the mercury hit 69°.

A strong cold front passed through the region on the night of the 29th-30th. After 1-3" of soaking rains on the 29th, powerful winds behind the storm's main circulation buffeted parts of southern Indiana and central Kentucky. A few locations measured gusts briefly over 50 mph between midnight and dawn on the 30th.


  Average Temperature Departure from Normal Precipitation Departure from Normal Snow Departure from Normal
Bowling Green 45.3° +6.7° 5.46" +0.66" T -1.2"
Frankfort 41.9° +6.6° 4.32" +0.31"    
Lexington 43.9° +7.9° 5.97" +2.04" T -2.5"
Louisville Bowman 43.3° +6.1° 3.59" -0.42"    
Louisville Ali 44.1° +6.2° 3.63" -0.20" 0.3" -2.3"



25th: High of 69° at Louisville
29th: Rain of 1.68" at Frankfort

10th warmest December at Bowling Green
9th warmest December at Frankfort
8th warmest December at Lexington