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This was a very warm and wet month for the Ohio Valley. The warmth culminated on the 10th-11th with daily average temperatures nearly 30 degrees warmer than normal as we basked in afternoon temperatures in the 70s. A cold front swept through the region on the morning of the 11th accompanied by a squall line that produced 70 mph winds in a few spots.

There was one cold snap during the month from the 17th to the 22nd. Temperatures dipped into the teens on the 19th and 20th.

There was almost no snow in January, similar to December 2019.

  Average Temperature Departure from Normal Precipitation Departure from Normal Snow Departure from Normal
Bowling Green 42.6° +6.9° 4.76" +1.15" T -3.3"
Frankfort 40.2° +7.6° 3.90" +0.64"    
Lexington 41.5° +8.6° 3.61" +0.41" T -3.9"
Louisville Bowman 41.2° +6.7° 3.85" +0.47"    
Louisville Ali 41.7° +6.8° 4.05" +0.81" 0.2 -3.5"



10th: Warm low of 59° at Bowling Green, high of 68° at Frankfort, high of 67° at Lexington, warm low of 57° at Lexington, high of 67° at Louisville, warm low of 58° at Louisville
11th: High of 72° at Bowling Green, precipitation of 1.77" at Bowling Green, high of 73° at Frankfort, high of 75° at Lexington, high of 70° at Louisville
15th: High of 72° at Bowling Green, high of 69° at Lexington

7th warmest January on record at Lexington and Louisville

Monroe County wind damage January 11, 2020

Wind damage in Monroe County on the 11th. Photo courtesy Emily Stinson