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During the first half of the month a persistent cool pattern kept temperatures in check and prevented widespread severe weather from occurring. There was only one severe weather event in the first two weeks of June this year, when thunderstorms that erupted from Missouri to Ohio on the afternoon of the 5th moved southward into the Ohio Valley causing widespread wind damage that evening.

The cool weather was especially noticeable from the 11th to the 14th when average daily temperatures were up to 13 degrees below normal. Several locations had highs in the lower 70s on the 13th, and the following morning much of the region dropped into the 40s. Lexington's low of 45° that day was the city's coldest June temperature since hitting 45° on June 7, 2000. The last time it was colder in June in Lexington was June 7, 1998 with 44°.

Then, after just one severe weather event in the first half of the month, there were ten severe weather events in the second half! Most of the rough weather was in the form of wind damage, with a few reports of large hail mixed in. On the 21st a derecho roared from Missouri and Illinois through Indiana and Kentucky to the South Carolina coast, causing widespread wind damage along its path. Several tornadoes occurred in the Kentucky/Tennessee border region, including three EF1s in Simpson and Allen Counties.


  Average Temperature Departure from Normal Rain Departure from Normal
Bowling Green 75.0° 8.26" +4.06"
Frankfort 72.7° +0.1° 6.59" +2.50"
Lexington 72.5° -0.2° 7.44" +3.00"
Louisville Bowman 73.7° -1.4° 8.82" +4.68"
Louisville International 75.5° -0.1° 7.82" +4.03"



14th: Record low of 45° at Lexington


9th wettest June on record at Bowling Green
6th wettest June on record at Louisville


Tornado damage in Allen County, KY on June 21, 2019

Tornado damage between Scottsville and Gold City on the 21st. NWS