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June 8, 2007: At 1:00pm two men were injured in the afternoon in Lexington when lightning struck a creek near where they were standing as a line of thunderstorms moved through the area. The were working in the area when the lightning bolt hit the creek nearby, and traveled to them through the water of the ditch they were standing in. Both men were taken to the hospital, but neither was seriously injured. The storm was part of a line of strong thunderstorms packing high winds that swept across parts of the state during the afternoon.


June 20 - 26, 2010
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   After the storm, wait at least 30 minutes before leaving shelter and resuming outside activities.

Average Cloud to Ground (CG)
 Lightning Strikes per Year:

Lightning Safety Tips
Listen to NOAA Weather Radio or other weather sources to keep up with changing weather conditions
Remember you pets. Never leave an animal chained to a tree during a thunderstorm
Do not wait for rain. Take shelter as soon as you hear thunder.
Get out of water! It is a great conductor of electricity.
Be the lowest point. Lightning strikes tall objects
Stay away from trees! Keep twice as far from a tree as it is tall to avoid current traveling through the ground.

Something to Remember: If the hair on your head or neck begins to stand on end you're in immediate danger of being struck by lightning! Take shelter immediately. If no shelter is available, crouch as low as possible with feet together and place hands over ears to minimize hearing damage from thunder.

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