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Excessive Rainfall and Flooding Threat in the South; Hazardous Heat in the Western U.S. Expanding to the Northern Plains

Multiple rounds of heavy rain and thunderstorms across portions of the Texas and Louisiana Coast will likely lead to flash, urban, small stream and river flooding. An additional heavy rainfall threat will exist from the Lower Mississippi Valley through the southern Mid-Atlantic. Meanwhile, a dangerous heat threat will continue across the Western U.S. and northern Plains through Thursday. Read More >

County Warning Area

NWS Louisville, Kentucky County Warning Area

We issue all forecasts, warnings, watches, statements, and advisories for 49 counties across central Kentucky and 10 counties across south central Indiana. 


Adair SC KY C Y KYC001 KYZ077 CMP / SME
Allen SC KY C Y KYC003 KYZ073 BWG
Anderson EC KY E Y KYC005 KYZ039 LEX
Barren SC KY C Y KYC009 KYZ074 BWG
Bourbon EC KY E Y KYC017 KYZ042 LEX
Boyle EC KY E Y KYC021 KYZ055 CMP / LEX
Breckinridge NC KY C Y KYC027 KYZ024 SDF
Bullitt NC KY E Y KYC029 KYZ029 SDF
Butler SC KY C Y KYC031 KYZ061 BWG
Casey SC KY E Y KYC045 KYZ066 CMP / SME
Clark EC KY E Y KYC049 KYZ049 LEX
Clinton SC KY C Y KYC053 KYZ082 SME
Cumberland SC KY C Y KYC057 KYZ081 SME
Edmonson SC KY C Y KYC061 KYZ062 BWG
Fayette EC KY E Y KYC067 KYZ041 LEX
Franklin EC KY E Y KYC073 KYZ035 LEX
Garrard EC KY E Y KYC079 KYZ056 LEX
Grayson SC KY C Y KYC085 KYZ027 BWG
Green SC KY C Y KYC087 KYZ064 CMP / SME
Hancock NC KY C Y KYC091 KYZ023 EVV
Hardin NC KY E Y KYC093 KYZ028 SDF
Harrison EC KY E Y KYC097 KYZ037 LEX
Hart SC KY C Y KYC099 KYZ063 BWG / CMP
Henry NC KY E Y KYC103 KYZ033 SDF
Jefferson NC KY E Y KYC111 KYZ030 SDF
Jessamine EC KY E Y KYC113 KYZ048 LEX
Larue NC KY E Y KYC123 KYZ053 CMP / SDF
Lincoln SC KY E Y KYC137 KYZ067 SME
Logan SC KY C Y KYC141 KYZ070 BWG
Madison EC KY E Y KYC151 KYZ057 LEX
Marion SC KY E Y KYC155 KYZ054 CMP / SME
Meade NC KY E Y KYC163 KYZ025 SDF
Mercer EC KY E Y KYC167 KYZ047 LEX / CMP
Metcalfe SC KY C Y KYC169 KYZ076 SME
Monroe SC KY C Y KYC171 KYZ075 SME
Nelson NC KY E Y KYC179 KYZ045 SDF / CMP
Nicholas EC KY E Y KYC181 KYZ043 LEX
Ohio SC KY C Y KYC183 KYZ026 EVV
Oldham NC KY E Y KYC185 KYZ031 SDF
Russell SC KY C Y KYC207 KYZ078 SME
Scott EC KY E Y KYC209 KYZ036 LEX
Shelby NC KY E Y KYC211 KYZ034 SDF
Simpson SC KY C Y KYC213 KYZ072 BWG
Spencer NC KY E Y KYC215 KYZ038 SDF
Taylor SC KY E Y KYC217 KYZ065 CMP / SME
Trimble NC KY E Y KYC223 KYZ032 SDF
Warren SC KY C Y KYC227 KYZ071 BWG
Washington NC KY E Y KYC229 KYZ046 CMP / SDF
Woodford EC KY E Y KYC239 KYZ040 LEX
Clark SC IN E Y INC019 INZ092 SDF
Crawford SC IN E Y INC025 INZ084 SDF
Dubois SC IN E Y INC037 INZ083 SDF,EVV
Floyd SC IN E Y INC043 INZ091 SDF
Harrison SC IN E Y INC061 INZ090 SDF
Jefferson SC IN E Y INC077 INZ079 SDF
Orange SC IN E Y INC117 INZ076 SDF
Perry SC IN C Y INC123 INZ089 EVV
Scott SC IN E Y INC143 INZ078 SDF
Washington SC IN E Y INC175 INZ077 SDF
County Warning Area Legend:
Location: SC --> South Central
NC --> North Central
EC --> East Central
Time Zone: C --> Central Time
E --> Eastern Time
DST Y or N --> If the county swtiches to Daylight Savings Time
Weather Radio: SDF --> Louisville, Kentucky
LEX --> Lexington, Kentucky
BWG --> Bowling Green Kentucky
CMP --> Campbellsville, Kentucky
EVV --> Evansville, Indiana
SME --> Somerset, Kentucky