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Thunderstorms, Some Severe, and Heavy Rainfall Across the East

A cold front moving into the eastern U.S. will bring widespread thunderstorms and locally heavy rain to the eastern states. Excessive rain will be possible across the Mid-South and widespread flash flooding will be possible. Severe thunderstorms with damaging winds may occur in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Out west, windy, dry conditions are keeping fire weather threats elevated-to-critical. Read More >

...Warmest May Ever Recorded...

Every single day of this month was warmer than normal at Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, and Frankfort, resulting in the warmest May this area has ever recorded.

The average temperature values in parenthesis below are the normal average temperatures for June:

  Average Temperature Departure from Normal Rain Departure from Normal
Bowling Green 74.6° (75.0°) +8.2° 4.38" -1.23"
Frankfort 72.9° (72.6°) +9.0° 7.31" +2.46"
Lexington 72.9° (72.7°) +8.7° 7.49" +2.23"
Louisville Bowman 74.6° (75.1°) +8.3° 2.89" -2.23"
Louisville International 76.0° (75.6°) +8.9° 4.98" -0.29"


Spotty thunderstorms frequently formed in the warm, humid air, resulting in very different monthly rainfall totals from one spot to the next. Fortunately severe weather was rare, until the last day of the month. On the 31st a line of powerful thunderstorms swept through the Ohio Valley and brought damaging winds and flash flooding to the region.



5th: Louisville record rainfall of 3.15"
11th: Bowling Green warm low of 70°
14th: Lexington record high of 90°, Louisville record high of 92°, Louisville record warm low of 72°
15th: Bowling Green record warm low of 70°, Frankfort record warm low of 70°, Lexington record high of 89°, Lexington record warm low of 68°, Louisville record warm low of 73°
16th: Louisville record warm low of 70°
29th: Frankfort record warm low of 71°
30th: Lexington record warm low of 72°

Warmest May at Bowling Green, Frankfort, Lexington, and Louisville
10th wettest May at Lexington

Wind damage in Floyd County, Indiana May 31, 2018

Wind damage in Floyd County, Indiana, on the 31st.