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This November was rather neatly divided into thirds. The first third of the month was quite warm with daily average temperatures 5 to 20 degrees above normal. The warmth peaked on the 5th when south winds gusting over 50 mph pushed temperatures well into the 70s. Then, a cold front came through the region on the 11th and brought soaking rains and a big change in temperatures. The middle third of the month ended up being quite cold. To kick things off, light snow whitened lawns on the morning of the 12th, with 1-3" falling in southern Indiana. The nadir of the cold temperatures came on the 19th-20th when many locations fell into the teens. Shepherdsville even briefly dipped down to 9°. 

The final third of the month was slightly warmer than normal...not quite as much above normal as the first third of the month was. The warmth brought frequent light, but still needed, rains. Winds to 50-55mph preceded a cold front on the morning of the 27th. The only severe weather of the month occurred on the 29th when central Kentucky was on the edge of a major fall tornado outbreak that took place from Louisiana to Alabama. Up here in Kentucky we just had a handful of storms that produced large hail.


  Average Temperature Departure from Normal Precipitation Departure from Normal Snowfall Departure from Normal
Bowling Green 49.3° +0.9° 2.88" -0.85" T  
Frankfort 46.4° +0.3° 1.90 -1.46    
Lexington 47.7° +1.6° 2.10" -1.27" 0.3" -0.1"
Louisville Ali 49.2° +0.7° 1.74" -1.68" 1.5" +1.2"
Louisville Bowman 46.7° -0.5° 1.41" -2.03"    



9th: High of 79° at Lexington
17th: Cold high of 33° at Lexington


Frost flower

A frost flower on the 15th in Woodburn, KY. Amy Tichenor Smith