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November 2023 was a very quiet month with many dry days. By the end of the month severe drought was found in the Lake Cumberland region, with moderate drought across much of the middle third of central Kentucky and most of central and southern Indiana. There was only one significant rain-maker during the month when low pressure moving from Oklahoma to New York swept a cold front through the region on the 20th-21st. One to two inches of very welcome rain soaked Kentucky and far southern Indiana.


  Average Temperature Departure from Normal Precipitation Departure from Normal Snowfall Departure from Normal
Bowling Green 50.2° +1.8° 1.75" -1.98" 0 -0.1"
Frankfort 46.6° +0.5° 1.61" -1.75"    
Lexington 48.5° +2.4° 1.70" -1.67" T -0.4"
Louisville Ali 51.0° +2.5° 1.32" -2.10" T -0.3"
Louisville Bowman 47.9° +0.7° 1.26" -2.18"    



8th: High of 83° at Bowling Green, high of 81° at Frankfort, high of 81° at Lexington, high of 83° at Louisville