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The weather was mostly quiet this month. The only instance of severe weather was some minor wind damage southwest of Dundee in Ohio County on the 7th. That storm was part of a large band of showers and thunderstorms that dropped 1 to 4 inches of rain across the length of Kentucky from south of Paducah to northeast of Lexington.

A cold snap over the last four days of the month brought frost and, on the 29th, our first flurries of the season.


  Average Temperature Departure from Normal Precipitation Departure from Normal Snow Departure from Normal
Bowling Green 60.4° +1.6° 3.47" +0.09" T +T
Frankfort 58.9° +2.5° 5.44" +2.20"    
Lexington 59.7° +2.7° 5.77" +2.64" T +T
Louisville Bowman 59.8° +1.6° 5.13" +1.91"    
Louisville International 61.4° +1.9° 4.89" +1.67 T -0.1"



8th: Record rainfall of 3.73" at Lexington
9th: Record warm low of 69° at Louisville
10th: Record warm low of 70° at Bowling Green
28th: Record cool high of 44° at Frankfort
29th: Record snowfall of a trace at Bowling Green and Lexington

10th wettest October on record at Frankfort
9th wettest October on record at Lexington

Frost on October 26, 2017 in Russellville, Kentucky

A frosty morning in Russellville on the 26th. Photo: Adam Hendricks