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Halo over Scott County January 24, 2014 A halo over Madison, Indiana on January 24.  It foretold of snow arriving the following night.  Jeanne Newton
Halo February 20, 2014 A halo in advance of a storm on February 20.  Michael Shaheen
Sunset July 7 2014 This sunset set the sky on fire behind a departing storm near Pewee Valley on July 7.  Tom Reaugh
Mauckport September 23 2014 A foggy sunrise on the Ohio River between Mauckport, Indiana and Brandenburg, Kentucky on September 23.  Scott Taylor

Jessamine County sunrise September 26, 2014

Sunrise as seen from the bridge over the Kentucky River at Camp Nelson in Jessamine County on September 26.  Tony Caudill
Lanesville, Indiana September 28, 2014 sunset Sunset near Lanesville, Indiana on September 28.  Mike Schellenberger
Garrard County sunset along KY 34 October 26 2014 Sunset along KY 34 in Garrard County on October 26.  Tony Caudill
Lincoln County sunset October 26 2014 Lincoln County sunset on October 26.  Tony Caudill