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Tropical Depression Bertha Lifting North; Isolated Severe Across Southern U.S.; Heat Continues In West

Tropical Depression Bertha continues to weaken and lift north toward the central Appalachians and eastern Ohio Valley. Heavy rain, gusty winds and flooding are likely. Meanwhile, isolated severe thunderstorms are possible on Thursday from the Southeast to south-central High Plains. Finally, the ongoing heat wave continues in the West and will expand into the Rockies by the weekend. Read More >

April 10, 2009
Counties:  Lincoln (from Pulaski)
EF-scale:  EF1
Deaths:  0
Injuries:  0
Path width:  100 yards
Path length:  6.5 miles
Time:  3:17pm EDT - 3:27pm EDT
Notes:  Once the tornado crossed into Lincoln County, it first destroyed a metal shed and blew it 700 feet away.  Half of the roof of a mobile home was also taken off.  The tornado then crossed US 27, destroying several barns, uprooting and snapping trees, and damaging several homes.  Three miles east of Waynesburg a mobile home was completely destroyed and a house was pushed 30 feet off of its foundation.  The tornado was at its strongest right before it dissipated.  The tornado went over a hill and down into a holler where multiple vortices were witnessed.  A mobile home was destroyed and a conventional home was shoved 10 feet off of its foundation.  The tornado dissipated about a minute later.