National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

April 10, 2009
Counties:  Lincoln (from Pulaski)
EF-scale:  EF1
Deaths:  0
Injuries:  0
Path width:  100 yards
Path length:  6.5 miles
Time:  3:17pm EDT - 3:27pm EDT
Notes:  Once the tornado crossed into Lincoln County, it first destroyed a metal shed and blew it 700 feet away.  Half of the roof of a mobile home was also taken off.  The tornado then crossed US 27, destroying several barns, uprooting and snapping trees, and damaging several homes.  Three miles east of Waynesburg a mobile home was completely destroyed and a house was pushed 30 feet off of its foundation.  The tornado was at its strongest right before it dissipated.  The tornado went over a hill and down into a holler where multiple vortices were witnessed.  A mobile home was destroyed and a conventional home was shoved 10 feet off of its foundation.  The tornado dissipated about a minute later.