National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

April 1, 1970
Counties:  Jefferson KY
F-scale:  F1
Deaths: 0
Injuries: 0
Path width: 
Path length: 2.8 miles
Time:  8:00pm
Notes: (Taken from an internal Weather Bureau memo) A roof was severely damaged in Plantation on Hermitage Way. Many trees were uprooted and there were signs of rotation on Goose Creek Road. At 4022 Simcoe Road a barn was overturned, killing a horse inside, and 100 yards of plank fence were demolished. At 4510 Chamberlain Lane on the J. W. Head farm the roof of the residence was destroyed, portions of which were found several hundred yards downstream. Most of the roof was lifted up and over power lines that were 20 feet above the ground 150 feet distant from the house. A store at the intersection of Brownsboro Road and Ballardsville Road was unroofed. Outside of these points, weak trees were felled, signs were blown over, and minor roof damage occurred.
Notes:  Storm Data says this tornado touched down eleven miles northeast of Standiford Field and traveled northeast for three miles.