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April 22, 1887
Counties:  Warren
F-scale:  F2
Deaths:  0
Injuries:  5
Path width:  125 yards
Path length:  3 miles
Narrative:  A tornado hit near Boat Island on the Barren River.  One home and at least six barns were destroyed. 

April 22, 1887
Counties:  Bourbon
F-scale:  F2
Deaths: 0
Injuries:   0
Path width:  400 yards
Path length:
Time:  8:00am
Notes:  More specific information is needed to accurately map this tornado.  A tornado leveled trees and unroofed houses along a track 400 yards wide "at Paris" or "near Paris" (depending on the source used).  White's Distillery's roof was blown "out of sight."  The Turney, Clark, and Company livery stable was blown across the street.  Mrs. Herrick's boarding house was nearly demolished, and the Paris Flour Mill's roof was damaged.  Mrs. Carson's roof was carried across the street.  The Daily Press said, "A tornado struck the city with inconceivable energy."  While there were heavy property losses, no one was killed.