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April 25, 2015
Counties: Edmonson
EF-Scale: EF2
Deaths: 0
Injuries: 0
Path width: 220 yards
Path length: 0.2 mile
Time: 7:12pm - 7:14pm CDT
Notes: A narrow tornado developed quickly just west of 3667 Grassland Black Gold Rd (Highway 1365) and snapped a few softwood and few large limbs. It then grew in width and intensity as it crossed Highway 1365 and uprooted, snapped and twisted over 200 trees in a heavily forested area around a deep karst ravine. A drone was used to pinpoint the exact storm end point which was about 100 yards east of Highway 1365 near a farmer's field.

April 25, 2015
County:  Adair
EF-Scale:  EF1
Deaths:   0
Injuries:  0
Path width:  150 yards
Path length:  3.8 miles
Time:  8:29pm - 8:36pm CDT
Notes:  This tornado touched down 6 miles southeast of Columbia along Dale Morrison Road. Numerous trees were uprooted, a 145-foot barn was destroyed, and the top was sheared off an adjacent silo. The tornado then moved east into a wooded area, snapping and uprooting trees. It damaged three more barns and uprooted more trees along Montpelier Rd. A home near the intersection of Montpelier Rd and Old Montpelier Rd sustained minor siding damage.