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Tornadoes of December 31, 2018

December 31, 2018
County:  Harrison IN
EF-Scale: EF1
Deaths:   0
Injuries:  0
Path width:  140 yards
Path length:  2.2 miles
Time: 3:38pm - 3:41pm EST
Notes: This was an intermittent skipping tornado. A maximum wind speed of 100 mph wind was found. The tornado initially touched down at 7231 IN 337. At this location a heavy metal chain fence weighing several hundred pounds was picked up and thrown 30 yards into the back of the house causing significant damage. A chicken house weighing hundreds of pounds was rolled over and moved several feet. A purple martin house was bent over 60 degrees facing east. Shingles and yard decorations were thrown in various directions east of the house along with driveway gravel thrown in every direction. A swing set was thrown from the back of the house to the front. Throughout the property there were twisted and uprooted trees. Just before crossing the highway, the tornado increased from 75 yards to 140 yards and picked up hundreds of cornstalks tossing them in various directions across the road up to 300 yards away. Across the street at 7768 IN 337 there was significant cedar tree damage along with a 30 by 40 foot barn that was destroyed. The tornado twisted and snapped several cedar trees before going across the farmers field. The tornado narrowed and went to about 50 yards in width. At 4368 Rogers Campground Road there were several trees twisted and snapped. One single wide mobile home had siding panels blown out in several spots. An older, well built barn with sturdy cedar poles sustained significant side panel damage. The metal sheeting was thrown in a northwesterly to northeasterly direction. One 2x4 wood pole was embedded in the ground. The tornado was very narrow along Rogers Campground Road, likely no more than 50 yards wide.