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Tornadoes of February 28, 2021

February 28, 2021
County:  Clinton (to Wayne)
EF-Scale: EF1
Deaths:   0
Injuries:  0
Path width:  75 yards
Path length:  3.6 miles
Time: 8:18-8:22pm CST
Notes: The initial touchdown was on the western edge of Cumberland City. There were several snapped trees along with roofing damage at several homes before more extensive structural damage occurred at 5250 KY 558. Several large barns were destroyed or had at least 70% of the walls blown out. A one month old 64'x56' barn with 6' footers in concrete was destroyed. The debris from the barn was thrown over a quarter mile to the northeast. A 60'x43' barn that had been recently remodeled and upgraded had three walls blown out. A Kubota UTV weighing 2500 pounds was moved 30 yards and rotated 180 degrees. There was also extensive snapping and uprooting of trees. Winds were estimated at 110 mph. Further east, a large 50'x60' barn was destroyed and debris went at least half a mile downwind. A mobile home on KY 829 was lifted off its foundation and there were several trees uprooted and snapped. The tornado crossed KY 829 and then crossed KY 1009 with extensive tree damage along both sides of the road. A large barn on KY 1009 had two walls blown out with debris thrown over half a mile downwind into Wayne County. The tornado dissipated about half a mile into Wayne County.