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June 10, 2013
Counties:  Logan and Simpson
EF-Scale:  EF2
Deaths:  0
Injuries:  4
Path width:  325 yards
Path length:  14 miles
Time:  1:40pm CDT
Notes:  Touchdown occurred northwest of Adairville near the intersection of Vick Road and Route 96, where a barn sustained roof damage and another outbuilding was destroyed.  EF2 damage occurred sporadically from near Route 96 to the Logan/Simpson county line.  The worst damage occurred north-northeast of Adairsville where the tornado crossed Route 663.  Several homes sustained extensive damage and three people were injured.  A fourth person was injured on Trimble Road.  The tornado entered Simpson County just north of the intersection of Conn Road and Reames Dixon Road.  The tornado produced EF1 and EF0 damage in Simpson County until it lifted at Russellville-Gallatin Road at 2:09pm CDT.  A total of five homes sustained extensive damage, and two homes suffered minor damage.  Five grain bins were blown away, and two others collapsed.  Numerous outbuildings were damaged or destroyed.