National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

June 24, 1995
Counties:  Oldham
F-scale:  F0
Deaths:  0
Injuries:  0
Path width:  50 yards
Path length:  1/2 mile
Time:  6:02pm
Notes:  This appears to have been a westward moving tornado.  A firefighter with the Westport Volunteer Fire Department saw the tornado begin on Eighteen Mile Creek Road, and proceed into Westport.  Numerous trees were felled and several outbuildings were damaged.  Many residents saw the tornado, and one person described it as looking like "a giant burnt curlicue French fry."  The tornado hit the Westport General Store and blew down trees and power lines in town.  Roofs were damaged as the tornado proceeded along Main Street/KY 524.  Residents told the Louisville Courier-Journal that the tornado crossed the river and damaged trees on the Indiana shore, however that is not reflected in the official record.  The record does state thast damaging straight-line winds were also associated with this storm, so perhaps the feeling was that any damage on the Indiana side was from non-tornadic wind.