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Tornadoes of May 3, 2021

May 3, 2021
County:  Monroe
EF-Scale: EF1
Deaths:   0
Injuries:  0
Path width:  60 yards
Path length:  0.5 mi
Time: 8:08am CDT
Notes: The tornado touched down near the intersection of Second and Jackson Streets in Tompkinsville. Trees were laying in multiple directions and most of the trees were twisted, snapped, or uprooted. Power lines were down and several power poles were snapped. Winds at this location were between 85 and 90 mph with a width of 50 yards. Between Fifth Street and Carter Street the wind speeds increased to 95 mph and the width expanded to 60 yards. Several homes experienced roof damage with some windows blown out. One home had multiple large trees uprooted with an RV trailer and pontoon boat flipped over. There were several pieces of lumber that were impaled in the ground and pieces of metal sheeting were thrown into trees. The US Bank building at the corner of Fifth and Main had some roof damage. The tornado then lifted briefly before touching back down near the intersection of Pedigo and White Streets. There was significant tree damage east of Main Street near Pedigo Street, Trees were facing multiple directions and there was mud spatter on the backside of homes and vehicles along Short Street to Monroe Drive. Multiple power lines were down in this area as well. Winds were about 90 mph along Monroe Drive. There was minor tree damage near Spring Valley Road and Woodhaven Drive indicating wind speeds of 85 mph. The tornado completely lifted at Jackie Crow salvage yard with debris thrown on the top of the hill about 250 yards from the salvage yard.