National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

May 8, 2009
Counties: Barren and Metcalfe
EF-scale:  EF1
Deaths:  0
Injuries:  0
Path width:  30 yards
Path length:  4 miles (skipping)
Time:  3:04pm CDT - 3:11pm EDT
Notes:  The tornado touched down just east of Hiseville on Buck Williams Road.  A home and a small outbuilding were damaged, and numerous trees were uprooted.  A piece of tin roofing ended up wrapped around a tree 500 yards to the east across an open field.  The tornado peaked in intensity on a farm just north of Sexton Lane.  Three outbuildings and a well-constructed barn were derstroyed.  Debris from these structures was found up to 300 yards to the east in a pond.  In Metcalfe County, south of Center, a pole barn was uplifted and scattered across a field.

May 8, 2009
Counties: Garrard and Madison
EF-scale:  EF3
Deaths:  2
Injuries:  several, some serious
Path width:  150 yards
Path length:  22 miles
Time:  4:55pm EDT - 5:19pm EDT
Notes:  The tornado touched down in eastern Garrard County south of Nina on Bethel Road.  The first damage observed was of EF1 intensity, and the tornado grew to EF2 intensity before reaching the Madison County line.  The second home in the path of the tornado was badly damaged and a paper bill from the home was lifted into the tornado and carried 35 miles to the northeast into Powell County, landing in the yard of a National Weather Service employee.  The tornado peaked at EF3 intensity near the intersections of KY 52 and KY 1295 in Madison County.  A mobile home was picked up, thrown, and disintegrated by the tornado.  Two adults were killed and thrown into a nearby pond.  Five other occupants of the mobile home were injured.  One person became paralyzed from the neck down, and a 4 year old child suffered a fractured skull and broken leg.  The tornado then weakened and crossed the Blue Grass Army Depot, doing minor damage.  The twister finally lifted near the end of Drowning Creek Road northeast of Waco.