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November 14, 2011
County:  Orange
Deaths:  0
Injuries:  0

Path width:  50 yards
Path length:  2 miles
Time:  7:32pm EST
The tornado spun up west of Star Field on the north side of the Paoli School Complex, destroying a 100 year old barn and heavily damaging the roofs of two other outbuildings. It then took a large section of roofing off the Paoli Police Department building on West Main Street before snapping several trees along Lick Creek as it moved east-northeast toward the city square. On the square, the tornado ripped the metal roofs off of Reflections Flower Shop and Liberty Furniture.  Three chimneys of the Orange County Courthouse collapsed, most likely when hit by roof debris.  After crossing the square, the tornado continued moving east-northeast for another one and a quarter miles, snapping and uprooting trees and causing minor roof damage to several homes. Near the end of its path, the tornado spread debris from a metal outbuilding one tenth of a mile onto North Marshall Road.