National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

November 17, 2013
County: Butler
EF-Scale: EF1
Deaths: 0
Injury: 1
Path width: 200 yards
Path length: 5.3 miles
Time: 4:10-4:16pm CST
Notes:  The tornado, with 105 mph winds, touched down approximately one mile west of Huntsville on Blaine Road where some trees were uprooted. The tornado then moved eastward into Huntsville where a few homes were damaged and trees were snapped along Huntsville-Quality Road. The tornado then continued east damaging trees, homes and small outbuildings just north of Silver City-Huntsville Road. One minor injury occurred in a double-wide that lost all of its roof and a couple of walls just west of the intersection of Silver City-Huntsville Road and Panther Creek Road. Intermittent minor damage then occurred east of this intersection. Finally, the tornado did a more concentrated area of damage along Muddy Creek Road where a few more homes and trees were damaged. The tornado quickly lifted 4 miles east of Huntsville.