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November 19, 1970
Counties:  Ohio
F-scale:  F2
Deaths:  0
Injuries:  18
Path width:  600 yards
Path length:  37 miles (skipping)
Time:  10:25pm
Notes:  This tornado likely touched down in eastern Muhlenberg County and traveled roughly northward through western Ohio County, including the Echols, Rockport, and Hartford areas, and into far eastern Daviess County around Whitesburg.  In the Rockport and Echols area the tornado was up to a quarter mile wide.  It destroyed a dozen houses and half a dozen mobile homes, damaged 40 other houses and several barns to some degree, and injured eleven people.  In Hartford two children were hospitalized when their trailer was overturned.  The tornado did its worst in Whitesville in Daviess County, damaging much of the town.
Noted discrepancies:  SPC lists Ohio and Daviess counties...NCDC lists only Ohio County...Grazulis lists Muhlenberg and Ohio counties.  SPC/NCDC lat/lon list this tornado as touching down in Daviess County, and provide no liftoff lat/lon.  Grazulis has the tornado starting in Muhlenberg County east of Greenville and he lifts it at Hartford in Ohio County (nowhere near the SPC/NCDC lat/lon).  SPC and NCDC list no injuries, Grazulis and Storm Data list 18.  SPC gives a path length of 1/10 of a mile (obviously wrong), NCDC gives nothing, and Grazulis gives 20 miles.  SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC and Grazulis give nothing.  Storm Data mentions tornado-like damage at Whitesville in Daviess County.

November 19, 1970
Counties:  Perry IN
F-scale:  F3
Path width:
Path length:
Time:  10:47pm
Noted discrepancies:  SPC and NCDC rank this as an F3...Grazulis does not list it.  The worst damage mentioned in Storm Data is the destruction of a barn and three farm buildings, along with scattered roof damage and a "wrecked" trailer. 
Notes:  According to Storm Data the tornado touched down on the southwest side of IN 66 at the west edge of Tell City.  The storm crossed IN 66 into a cemetery and trailer court.