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November 5, 1948
Counties:  Butler
F-scale:  F2
Deaths:  0
Injuries:  0
Path width: 
Path length:  3 miles
Time:  4:30am
Narrative:  Moved east from near Rochester, unroofing a school and destroying a gym.  Farm buildings were destroyed.

November 5, 1948
Counties:  Hardin
F-scale:  F3
Deaths:  1
Injuries:  2
Path width:    50 yards
Path length:  6 miles
Time:  5:45am
Notes:  Wind damage occurred in a five mile wide swath from Howe Valley to three miles east of Elizabethtown.  Within this area of high winds, an F3 tornado swept from about two miles northwest of Cecelia to three miles east of Elizabethtown.  The worst of the tornado took place at its inception on Bethlehem Academy Road, where a barn was destroyed killing a woman inside.  A nearby house was lifted bodily from its foundation, power lines were torn down, and a white leghorn rooster was stripped of its feathers.  Trees were blown down in Saint John.  Proceeding further to the east, power lines were downed on Old Cecilia Road and a barn was destroyed on Saint John Road three miles west of Elizabethtown.  The tornado then weakened considerably, and the only significant damage done in Elizabethtown was power lines getting ripped down on North Dixie Highway.  Leaving town, the tornado restrengthened and demolished a barn and a nearby house, and unroofed several homes three miles from Elizabethtown on US 62, where the twister grew to a quarter mile wide.  However it dissipated soon thereafter.  Straight-line winds tore down trees and power poles and damaged barns at Howe Valley, Franklin Cross Roads, Cecilia, Patterson, Tabb (four miles west of Elizabethtown on US 62), Glendale, Sonora, and on Springfield Road three miles east of Elizabethtown.