National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

October 24, 1967
Counties:  Dubois
F-scale:  F3
Path width:
Path length:
Time:  3:45pm
Noted discrepancies:  SPC and NCDC list this as an F3, Grazulis does not list it.  SPC gives a path length of 1/10 of a mile and a width of 10 yards...NCDC gives nothing for either.
Notes:  Hard to believe and F3 tornado with a path length and width as small as what SPC gives.  Also hard to believe the NWS would give it an F3 rating and Grazulis would only give it an F1 or less.  Something odd here.  The only damage described in Storm Data done directly by the tornado is the destruction of a concrete poultry house south of Dubois on IN 162 (which also sounds weird since IN 162 is not in close proximity to Dubois and is nowhere near the lat/lon given by SPC/NCDC).  Additional research necessary!