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October 29, 1883
Counties:  Bourbon
F-scale:  F1
Deaths: 2
Injuries:  1
Path width:
Path length: 6 miles
Time:  2:00am
Grazulis Narrative:  Tornado moved from "Husto" to "Kinney Station".  Two people were killed in one rural building.  Most of the path was through dense forest.  We at the NWS have been unable to find Husto or Kinney Station on any map.  If you know where these places are or were, please let us know!
NWS Notes:  Despite the amount of specific information presented here, we are still unable to map this tornado.  While Lexington newspapers listed the many farms that were struck by the tornado (or its attendant straight-line winds), no road names and few references to nearby towns were given.  Also, the NWS has not been able to find any references to "Husto" or "Kinney Station" so far.  Lexington newspapers stated that the "cyclone did great damage," including unroofing J. L. Taylor's clothing store across the street from the courthouse in Paris.  Warehouses were unroofed along Stoner's Creek.  G. W. Bedford's barn was blown down, and an old stone house on the Clay Farm was destroyed, killing two people inside the house (Maria Johnson and a young boy).  The Morris Gass Farm also received damage.  The cyclone moved from south to north "over the lower edge" of Paris.  Several buildings were unroofed.  The warehouse of Mr. Tarr was completely destroyed.  "Several church spires were bent, while the dome on the courthouse rocked to and fro at an alarming rate.  The track of the cyclone was very narrow."  It appears that tornadoes may have also struck Franklin, Anderson, and Fayette Counties on this day.