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Claudette Moves Offshore; Eastern Severe Storms and Heavy Rain

Beach hazards will persist along the coastal Carolinas as Claudette moves away from land. A cold front extending from the Plains to the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic will bring threats of severe storms and heavy rain. Dry thunderstorms, some severe, may initiate fire starts in California and the interior Northwest. Heat and elevated-to-critical fire weather threats persist for much of the West. Read More >


What's Happening Now:


Heavy rain fell across northeast Iowa, southern Minnesota, and southern Wisconsin within the past several days.  Much of this rain will be draining into the Mississippi River over the coming days, which will flow south into Missouri and Illinois through next week. 



Who Will Be Affected:


Those along the Mississippi River, north of St. Louis will be affected with minor to moderate flooding late next week. 

What to Do Now:

  • If you have interests along the Mississippi River, monitor forecasts closely and take protective actions if needed.
  • When flooding occurs late next week, remember to obey all barricaded roadways.  Turn Around, Don't Drown!



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