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Amateur Radio SKYWARN Operations
 at the National Weather Service, St. Louis, MO

The 145.330 repeater is used by National Weather Service as a
St. Louis Metropolitan Area-Wide collector. Net control operators and individuals are free to have direct contact with the NWS to give severe weather reports 145.330.

Also, St. Louis County has moved their severe weather net to the 147.360 repeater.

Amateur radio is a vital part of the National Weather Service (NWS) SKYWARN system. The instant communication of severe weather reports and other weather information during severe weather outbreaks are an important part of the NWS warning process.  Timely and accurate severe weather reports enable NWS meteorologists to issue better warnings. The NWS greatly appreciates the support we have received from the amateur radion community over the years and hope to continue the excellent relationship into the future.

The NWS St. Louis covers 46 counties in Missouri and Illinois.  This is known as our County Warning and 
Forecast Area (CWA)
.  With a CWA that stretches from Columbia, MO east to Salem, IL, and from Quincy, IL south to Fredericktown, MO, real-time communication across this area can be quite a challenge.

We have expanded our amateur radio operations quite a bit over the years.  The first step was the addition of an 80 foot tower to hold our antennas.  We have two vertical VHF/UHF antennas, and we recently added a VHF 
beam on a rotator
.  This has extended our range quite a bit.  We have 4 radios in the office; two 2-meter 
radios, and two dual band (2-meter/440) radios
.  While it would be nice to talk on many repeaters/weather nets individually, that is not always possible.  During busy severe weather outbreaks, we simply can't be on all the repeaters in which weather nets are being run.  Therefore we have set up a system of set frequencies/repeaters that we always monitior.  The idea is to try and get as many amateur spotters and net control operators as possible to come to us instead of the NWS coming to them.

General Operations at the NWS

Since it is often impossible for us to be on every repeater that has a weather net, we have established set 
frequencies/repeaters that we monitor 99.9% of the time. Here are the repeaters we monitor.

St. Louis Metropolitan Area direct to NWS: 145.330

Areas north of I-70: 145.190

In Central Missouri, the Missouri Highway Patrol Amateur Radio Club operates a repeater in Linn, MO, Osage County. This repeater has good coverage from Boone, Cole, Callaway, Osage to Gasconade County.
145.390, pl 127.3

Missouri Show-Me Intertie: East Central MO into  Illinois.

The Intertie is currently not working from Central, MO to St. Louis. Until it is repaired, spotters in Central Missouri are encouraged to use the Osage County (Linn) repeater to contact the NWS

For areas south of I-70, we will try to hit various repeaters based on where the thunderstorms are occurring. Also based on the storm activity, we will try to hit various repeaters with our 2-meter beam as necessary. 

Below is a map of the area we can cover and the frequencies used in each county. Click on the following link for an Excel spreadsheet that gives the repeater frequencies that correspond to the numbers in each County.

Frequency spreadsheet.

Show-Me Intertie

The Show-Me Intertie is a system of UHF repeaters that link the Jefferson City/Columbia, MO area to St. Louis.  In early 2008, the Intertie was extended into Illinois.  The NWS will monitor the Intertie 99.9% of the time.  Below is a map of the MO Intertie system. As of September 2011, the Intertie was not working from High Hill, MO  to the Colunbia/Jefferson City area.

Intertie Sites:

Jefferson City: 443.175 (pl=77.0)
Columbia: 444.425 (pl=77.0)
Centralia: 443.025 (pl=77.0)
High Hill: 444.025 (pl=77.0)
Foristell:444.475 (pl=77.0)
St. Louis: 443.475 (pl=77.0)

Net control operators or individual spotters who can reach any of the Intertie repeaters should do so to relay your reports to the NWS.

Illinois Sites:

Gillespie: 444.250 (pl103.5)
Gillespie: 145.290 (pl123.0)

Greenville: 147.165 (pl 103.5)

Net control opeators or individual spotters who can reach either of these repeaters should do so to relay your reports 
to the NWS.



Whenever there is severe weather north of I-70 in MO, we will monitor this repeater.  It has good coverage across Northeast Missouri.  Net control operators or indivudual spotters in this area should try to reach the NWS through this repeater.

145.33 and 146.940

The 145.330 repeater, operated by the St. Charles Amateur Radio Club, is the primary repeater the NWS will monitor for the St. Louis Metropolitan area. Net control operators or individual spotters in the St. Louis Metro Area are encouraged to bring reports directly to the NWS via this repeater.

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