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Storm System Continues To Impact Southern California, Severe Weather Threatens The Southern And Eastern U.S.

A storm system will deliver heavy mountain snow and rainfall to southern California and the Desert Southwest through late week. The heavy rainfall may pose a flash flood risk, especially to burn scar locations. Severe thunderstorms capable of damaging winds, hail, and tornadoes will be possible from the Southern Plains to the Mississippi Valley, Mid South, and Mid Atlantic through Wednesday. Read More >

The annual Missouri and Illinois Statewide Severe Weather Drills will be conducted on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020 at 10:00 am. In case of inclement weather, the backup day for Missouri is Thursday, March 5, also at 10:00 am.  



A live drill will be conducted using the Tornado Warning code: TOR. All National Weather Service offices serving Missouri will issue a live Tornado Warning for the drill. The drill will be clearly marked as a test. Most warning systems will activate upon receiving the warning.

1. NOAA Weather Radio receivers set to receive a tornado warning will alert for the drill.

2. The national Emergency Alert System (EAS) will be activated at the discretion of the local media station.

3. Outdoor warning siren systems will be activated at the discretion of local authorities. 

4. The Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) service for cellular phones WILL NOT activate for the drill. 



Illinois counties will use the Routine Weekly Test (RWT) code instead of a live tornado warning. Outdoor sirens may be alarmed at the discretion of local authorities.

The Routine Weekly Test will NOT activate the following:

1. The national Emergency Alert System (EAS)

2. NOAA Weather Radios not set to receive Routine Weekly Tests (RWTs)

3. The WEA service for cell phones


While everyone is encouraged to participate by reviewing your severe weather plans at the time of the drill, if the date and time does not work for you, you are encouraged to conduct the drill at a time that works for you!