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Office Tours

Tour Guidelines for the National Weather Service St. Louis, Missouri:

  1. All tours should be scheduled at least 30 days in advance
  2. Tours should normally be scheduled Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 4 PM, however some exceptions can be made
  3. Maximum number of people per tour group is 20
  4. Given the technology and equipment we use can be over young kids' heads, we recommend the minimum grade level to be 5th grade
  5. Tours are usually between 45 minutes and an hour in length
  6. To request a tour, email the Webmaster
  7. Tours may be cancelled on short notice by the NWS due to severe weather

Note: These guidelines are not "set in stone." If you are unsure about whether or not your group/situation fits the guidelines, please go ahead and submit your request and we will contact you to discuss your circumstances in further detail.