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 South Florida Hourly Weather Roundup  1100 AM EDT SUN AUG 18 2019
CitySky & WxTmpDPRHWindPresRemarks
NAPLES FAIR 90 75 61E9 30.09SHX 100
W PALM BEACH FAIR 88 76 67NE6 30.11RHX 99
FT LAUDER-EXEC FAIR 89 74 60SE7 30.09RHX 98
FT LAUDERDALE FAIR 88 73 61SE7 30.09RHX 95
POMPANO BEACH FAIR 90 76 63SE9 30.10RHX 101
PEMBROKE PINES FAIR 91 74 57SE7 30.10SHX 100
OPA LOCKA FAIR 90 76 63SE7 30.10RHX 101
MIAMI FAIR 90 75 61E7 30.09RHX 100
WEST KENDALL FAIR 89 76 65SE6 30.09RHX 100
HOMESTEAD FAIR 90 76 62E8 30.08RHX 101
 Marine Observations Across South Florida Waters  as of 1100 AM EDT SUN AUG 18 2019
CMAN Site Water Temp Wind
Dry Tortugas Missing SE 12G/13 kts
Sand Key Missing E 13G/15 kts
Sombrero Key Missing E 11G/13 kts
Lake Worth Missing E 5G/ 7 kts
Fowey Rocks 87 SE 7G/ 8 kts
Settlement Point Missing E 6G/ 6 kts
 Additional Surface Observations
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