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 Palm Beach Flood Event of October 21, 2014


Photo:  NBC

During the afternoon hours of October 21, 2014, portions of coastal Palm Beach county were inundated with flooding rains for the second time this year.  Although this event was not near to the magnitude of the flood event that overwhelmed the area back in January, it did produce copious amounts of rainfall over a short period of time.  Many roads were blocked due to the flooding which left many motorists stranded.  Portions of metro Palm Beach county received anywhere from 1-3 inches of rainfall while some coastal locales received nearly 10 inches (Figure 1).  The worst impacted areas were between downtown West Palm Beach and Riviera Beach where many roads became flooded and impassable. Extreme southeastern Miami-Dade county was also impacted by torrential rains a day earlier.  During the evening of October 20, rainfall amounts ranging from 3 to nearly 7 inches of rain inundated a small section of coastal Miami-Dade county at Biscayne Bay.  Mesonet sites at Palmetto Bay and Cutler Ridge recorded 6+ inches of rainfall in only a 5 to 6 hour time period during the afternoon and early evening hours (Figure 2).  Street flooding was reported in these areas and in South Miami Heights.


                                                        Figure 1:  Rainfall Totals Across Palm Beach County