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Flooding Concerns in Puerto Rico; Thunderstorms Across the Southeast U.S.

Showers and thunderstorms capable of producing widespread heavy rainfall will be possible across much of Puerto Rico today. Heavy rainfall will likely lead to flash, urban and small stream flooding. Some areas may face life-threatening flooding. In the Southeast U.S., strong to marginally severe thunderstorms will be possible this afternoon. Read More >

Public Zone Changes

Effective Beginning March 2024


NWS Miami will shift the westward boundary of Zone 74 (Metro Miami-Dade) from the Ronald Reagan Turnpike to Krome Avenue. This will lead to a slight expansion of the Metro Miami-Dade boundary and a slight reduction of Zone 73, Inland Miami-Dade.


Overview of Changes

The current Metro Miami Dade boundary is shown on the left panel, with the westward shift to the boundary shown on the right panel. Development of metro Miami has progressively moved west over the last decade, and this development is anticipated to continue over the coming years. The decision to shift the boundary accounts for this already completed westward expansion, but also anticipates future expansion as well. Additionally, the metro borders of Broward and Miami Dade county did not line up in the previous configuration, leading to some confusion between what was considered 'inland' and what was considered 'metro.' This change will join the Broward metro and Miami Dade metro boundaries as they continue to grow into a large metropolitan area. 


Figure 1. Full County Warning Area View of Zone Changes



Figure 2. Zoomed View of Miami-Dade County Zone Changes



Configuration Change Details

This change will largely leave NWS Miami products unaffected, as most products are polygon-based rather than zone based. This is a simple boundary change to further capture the newer portion of metro Miami that has blossomed west of the Ronald Reagan Turnpike. 


Questions or Comments

If you have any questions or comments about this change, please contact:

Robert Molleda

Warning Coordination Meteorologist / Acting Meteorologist in Charge

National Weather Service - Miami, FL