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KMOB Radar - Service Life Extension Program
2023 Significant Downtime


Beginning on January 23rd, 2023, the KMOB WSR-88D radar operated by the National Weather Service Mobile/Pensacola Office will be down for approximately 2 weeks for the replacement of the radar pedestal. The radar pedestal is one of the most critical components of the radar, which is necessary for antenna rotation and position to capture data in all directions. The components are extremely heavy and will require the radome to be removed by crane and then replaced by crane when the work is completed. Note that once this project begins, the radar cannot be turned on until the work is complete. Work on the KMOB Radar should be completed by February 4th, 2023.


This work is part 4 of 4 major upgrades, known as the SLEP or Service Life Extension Program, that has taken place over the past several years. This program will replace and refurbish major components of the 20+ year old WSR-88D and will keep the radar operational into the 2030s. The National Weather Service, the United States Air Force, and the Federal Aviation Administration are investing $150 million in this eight-year program. For the KMOB Radar - the first project was the installation of the new signal processor, the second project was the transmitter refurbishment, the third project was the equipment shelter refurbishment, and the remaining project is the refurbishment of the pedestal.

For more information on the Service Life Extension Program and upcoming radar downtime schedules, please refer to the NWS Radar Operations Center WSR-88D SLEP webpage.


More Information:

Press Release


What happens if there is hazardous weather during this significant radar downtime? Meteorologists at the NWS Mobile/Pensacola Office will use the adjacent radar sites (listed below) in addition to GOES-16 satellite imagery, and observational data to provide accurate and timely warnings, when/if necessary.


During this downtime, radar coverage will be available from adjacent National Weather Service and Department of Defense radar sites:

New Orleans, LA (KLIX)

Jackson, MS (KDGX)

Birmingham, AL (KBMX)

Maxwell AFB, AL (KMXX)

Ft Rucker, AL (KEOX)

Eglin AFB, FL (KEVX)

Regional Radar Mosaic


During this downtime, satellite data will also be available on the GOES Image Viewer.

Note that beginning on May 9th, 2023, the KEVX WSR-88D radar operated by the National Weather Service Mobile/Pensacola Office will be down for approximately 2 weeks for the replacement of the radar pedestal, too.


What will this pedestal removal process look like? Here are a few examples from NWS Huntsville, AL (KHTX) and NWS Tallahassee, FL (KTLH) during their SLEP upgrades...

KHTX Pedestal Examples:


KTLH Pedestal Examples:



We will photograph the SLEP upgrade for KMOB and also attempt to create a timelapse of the pedestal removal process. We will provide this imagery on our social media platforms once available.


The WSR-88D is part of a network of 159 operational radars across the United States, its territories, and select overseas locations. The NWS Radar Operations Center in Norman, OK provides lifetime management and support for all WSR-88Ds, including the Service Life Extension Program (SLEP). If you want to learn more about the WSR-88D network of radars, check out the NWS Jetstream webpage dedicated to radars.


For general questions or media inquiries, please contact:

     Meteorologist In Charge, Jason Beaman (251-633-6443 ext. 222)

     Warning Coordination Meteorologist, Jessica Chace (251-633-6443 ext. 223)