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     Marine Forecasts

          NEW! Mobile Bay Marine Channels Forecast



          Marine Gulf Forecast Portal - You can find the entire forecast for a marine point in a tabular format.


          Local Marine Weather Forecast Webpage


          Nearshore Wave Prediction System


          FEEDBACK NEEDED - New Coastal Waters Forecast with More Wave Detail




     Marine Observations

          NOAA PORTS Visibility - Visibility sensors in Mobile Bay


          NDBC Buoy 42012


          NDBC Buoy 42040


          Marine Observations


          NOAA Coastal Inundation Dashboard



     Historical Events

          Past Significant Weather Events


          Past Hurricanes/Tropical Events




Marine Safety Infographics - "Know Before You Go"













Additional Information

     National Hurricane Center

     NWS Safety Tips and Resources - 
          Boating Safety Tips and Resources
โ€‹          Boating in Fog
โ€‹          Hurricane Preparedness
          Cold Water Safety

     YouTube Videos -
          Marine Forecast
โ€‹          EPIRB
โ€‹          Thunderstorm Safety
โ€‹          Hurricane Preparedness
โ€‹          When Lightning Strikes
โ€‹          Lightning Safety
โ€‹          Cold Water Safety


     National Safe Boating Council

     Brochures - 
          NWS Observing Handbook on Marine Surface Weather Observations
          Mariner's Tropical Cyclone Guide
          Voluntary Observing Ship (VOS) Program