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Islip, NY Historical Data


Location History


Observation Site: Islip MacArthur Airport

Offical Records: September 5, 1963 to Present


Monthly Almanacs

Daily climatological data can be analyzed to produce averages and records. This information is included in our monthly almanacs. The almanacs also contain times of sunrise and sunset and daily records of precipitation and snowfall.



Daily, Monthly, Seasonal and Annual Climate Reports

 The Daily Climate Report (CLI) is produced twice a day, at around 4:30 pm and 1:30 am. The 4:30 PM report contains data from 12:00 am EST (1:00 am EDT) to 4:00 PM local time and is referred to as "preliminary" data. The 1:30 am "daily" report contains 24 hours of data starting at 12:00 am EST (1:00 am EDT) the previous day.

 Monthly reports are produced after each month has completed. Seasonal reports cover a three month period: Dec-Feb for Winter, Mar-May for Spring, Jun-Aug for Summer, and Sep-Nov for Fall.





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