National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
About our Office


Our office is located in the Salt River Project Administration building in Tempe, Arizona. We are on duty around-the-clock; our operations run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Due to the importance of our mission, NWS employees are considered "essential" and will not stop working even during rare government shutdowns. We are always on-the-job, protecting the public from the ever-present threats of mother nature!

The NWS is comprised of Meteorologists, Hydrologists, Climatologists, Electronic Technicians, Computer Specialists, and Management. Although all have college degrees, some have advanced degrees  - such as Masters or PHDs.


Meteorologist in Charge (MIC):

Jeral Estupiñán

The office leader. Responsible for directing all office operations as well as staff and administrative programs.


Warning Coordination Meteorologist (WCM):

Tom Frieders

Outreach coordinator. Responsible for directing storm spotter training and operations and is the primary contact for media inquiries, storm surveys, StormReady, and all outreach events. Also acts as the liaison between the agency and local, state, tribal, and national government officials.


Science Operations Officer (SOO):

David Trampp

Training coordinator. Responsible for training the staff and keeping abreast of the latest meteorological/technological advances. Also oversees any research activities taking place in the office.


Administrative Support Assistant (ASA):

Whanda Gerardo

Performs office and staff administrative tasks, including payroll and budget/travel expenses.


Electronic Systems Analyst (ESA) / Computer Systems Analyst (CSA):

Keith Sapp

Manages the office electronic staff and maintenance program. Oversees the maintenance of the doppler radar(s) and all observing equipment.


Electronic Technicians (staff of 2):

Jeffery James

Gordon Alford

Perform routine and non-routine maintenance of all office electronic equipment. Maintain all observational equipment including ASOS and doppler radar(s).


Information Technology Officer (ITO):

Matthew Hirsch

Local IT expert. Ensures system stability and security. Performs software support for operations.


Senior Service Hydrologist (SSH):

Mike Schaffner

Responsible for the hydrology program at both WFO Phoenix and WFO Flagstaff.


Lead Meteorologist (staff of 5):
Mark O
Gabriel Lojero
Alex Young
Sean Benedict
Operational meteorologist and shift supervisor. Prepares various forecast products and is responsible for the quality and timeliness of all products and services produced by the office. Each has 1 or more specialized areas of expertise (focal points).


Meteorologist (staff of 8):
Chris Kuhlman
Isaac Smith
Ryan Worley
Matt Salerno
Ted Whittocklii
Katherine Berislavich
Operational meteorologist responsible for all routine and non-routine forecast products prepared and issued. Each has 1 or more specialized areas of expertise (focal points).
Observing Program Leader:
Austin Jamison
Manages the cooperative observer program for the office.