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Winter Mentorship Program

Call For Applicants Late Fall 2019

This program pairs NWS meteorologists with local meteorology students, allowing for a mutually beneficial sharing of information.

Eligibility  Applicants must be current undergraduate/graduate students pursuing a degree in meteorology or a related field in good academic standing. Approximately 3-6 students will be selected.

Program Goals

  • Provide students with guidance as they develop individual career goals and realize their potential for personal growth.

  • Increase student awareness of career opportunities in meteorology, including the NWS, and broader trends in the field.

  • Expose students to the professional environment of operational meteorologists.

  • Give NWS meteorologists insights into desired skillsets of today’s students.

Program Structure

  • Begins in January and ends by April.

  • The program is free form, with the exact structure of how to fulfill the program goals left to the mentor/mentee. One to two meetings per month of 1-3 hours is suggested

  • The program coordinator will also meet 1-2 times with each mentee to check on the status of the program and answer any additional questions.

Suggested Topics

  • Career counseling; help with resumes/applications; answer questions related to the NWS including deeper details on services, forecasting, and messaging; aspects of weather/climatology; identify other potential career-enhancing opportunities, etc.

  • Identify a small project that benefits the student and NWS Phoenix.

  • Attend an outreach event (such as a Skywarn Spotter talk).

Eligibility   The selection process is competitive. Applicants must submit 1) a resume, 2) a cover letter expressing current experience and career interests/aspirations, and 3) unofficial transcripts.

Summer Volunteer Program

Current Session On-Going for Summer 2019

This program provides students with hands-on operational experience as they work alongside NWS meteorologists in active weather situations.

Eligibility  To qualify, applicants must be an undergraduate student entering their junior or senior year or graduate student in good academic standing or a recent graduate (within the past six months). Applicants must be pursuing or have a degree in meteorology that meets the U.S. Government Series 1340 requirements (available at All volunteers are subject to a mandatory security background check.  This position is unpaid.


  • Develop an understanding of the culture, responsibilities, and services of the WFO.

  • Complete operational training

  • Assist the WFO in providing operational services to its customers.

  • Complete a research project that benefits the student and WFO.

  • Receive career counseling.

  • Current students may elect to receive credit for the volunteer program and should consult with appropriate university officials.

Program Structure

  • Begins late June and end late August.

  • Students work from 4 PM to 8 PM.

  • Total program hours of 80+.

Eligibility   The selection process is competitive. Applicants must submit 1) a resume, 2) a single-page cover letter expressing what attributes/skills they bring and what they hope to achieve from the program, 3) unofficial transcripts, and 4) one letter of reference (academic). Approximately 2-4 volunteers will be selected.