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Mid-afternoon, Saturday, August 23rd, a powerful supercell thunderstorm spawned two tornados, one in southwest Douglas County, and the other in northeast Teller County. 

The tornado in Douglas County had a path length of around 1/3 mile, and did extensive tree damage in a campground and injured one man.

The tornado in Teller County had a path length of around 2/3 mile, and did extensive tree damage east of Highway 67 and west of the Ridgewood subdivision...around 8 miles north-northwest of Woodland Park.  Several dozen trees (with trunk diameters between 8 and 16 inches) were either snapped off or uprooted, consistent with EF1 wind damage (winds between 86 and 110 mph).  See SPC EF scale page here.

The tornado lifted a couple hundred feet from several houses on Ponderosa Lane.  One pine rested against electrical wires on the road.

The National Weather Service Doppler Radar from Pueblo showed the classic reflectivity echo of a supercell...with a hook echo showing rapid rotation near the campground in Douglas County shortly before the first tornado...The velocity display showed very rapid rotation in the vicinity of the reflectivity hook echo with winds blowing toward and away from the radar at around 50 knots...shortly after the time below...the circulation intensified to around 70 knots toward and away from the radar...coincident with the second tornado...

Tornado Track
Image Image
The Track in Teller County The Track just south of the Douglas-Teller County Line
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