National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

Office Tours...

We offer tours of our office at no charge to give you an opportunity to visit your local National Weather Service office.  During the tour we showcase NWS decision support forecast services and provide weather safety education.  

Tour guidelines...

  1. Minimum tour age is 3rd grade.
  2. Tour groups are limited to around 30 people in the building at a time.
  3. Large tour groups between 20 and 30 people typically are conducted Monday through Friday sometime between 9 a.m. to 4 p. m.  The group will need to be split into two smaller groups, because our conference room is limited in size.
  4. A small tour group of under 15 people will typically be allowed at other times, including evenings and Saturdays, but that will depend on weather or staff availability. 
  5. A very limited number of tours will be granted from April 1st through Labor Day due to the SKYWARN weather spotter training and staff vacation season.
  6. Tours may be cancelled with little or no notice due to severe weather operations, or other staffing issues.
  7. Every chaperone on the tour will be required to sign in.

If you are interested in scheduling a tour, send an email to Meteorologist-in-Charge, Ariel Cohen at,  or call 719-948-9429 x642.  Once your tour is scheduled, please provide the following information via a follow-up e-mail to the Meteorologist-in-Charge, Ariel Cohen at

  • Contact name / phone number
  • Group name and physical address
  • Number and age / grade of those who plan to attend
  • Special needs or specific topics your group is interested in


Outreach Events...

A limited number of in-person outreach and preparedness events are conducted each year at no charge.  Requests for outreach events often include: civic groups requesting a lunch speaker about severe weather safety, a school career day or severe weather talk, a booth at a safety fair, etc.

Outreach guidelines...

  1. If an outreach event will be for a school, it is preferred that the presentation will be given to only one or two groups of students.  
  2. Outreach events may be cancelled with little or no warning due to severe weather operations, or other staffing issues.
  3. A very limited numbers of outreach events will be granted from April 1st  through Labor Day because of the SKYWARN weather spotter training and staff vacation season.  

Outreach requests are granted using the following guidelines...

  1. Attendance – Higher attended outreach events (30 people or more)  will be given priority over events which are smaller.   Groups of 15 people or fewer will be considered on a case-by case basis (in this case, we recommend an office tour as an alternative).
  2. Time and day – Sunday outreach requests will NOT be granted. Typically, requests during Monday through Friday business hours will be granted at a higher frequency than evening or Saturday events.
  3. Resource availability – Outreach requests are granted as staffing permits.
  4. Schedule well in advance – Events should be requested at least one month in advance. Short term requests, within a month, are more difficult to fulfill.

If you are interested in scheduling an outreach event, please contact the Meteorologist-in-Charge, Ariel Cohen at, or 719-948-9429 x642

SKYWARN weather spotter training and other emergency services training and meetings are considered critical to our mission and take precedence over office tours and public outreach, and are typically scheduled through county emergency managers or other government officials.