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Powerful Storm to Impact the West; Fire Weather Concerns for Areas of the Plains

A powerful winter storm is underway across the west bringing heavy higher elevation mountain snow, dangerous blizzard for the Sierra Nevada Mountains, damaging winds, hazardous sea conditions and cold temperatures to much of the West through this weekend. Meanwhile, critical fire weather concerns increase this weekend for portions of the central and southern High Plains. Read More >

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Northwest U.S. Airports Crosswind Information
Calculations based on the latest metar/speci available.
Mouseover the airport identifier to view the observation. Click to view crosswind information.
Alaska / Hawaii
Hub / Pacing
Hub / Pacing--gust
Light Blue indicates all runways less than 10 knots.
All remaining colors indicate at least one runway in that range.
If a gust exists, color is based on the average of sustained and gust speeds.
Page automatically refreshes every 5 minutes.
Program checks for metar/speci every 15 minutes (H+00, 05, 10...)