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Hourly Surface Data Maps - WPC

Mesonet Data

NOAA nowCOAST - GIS mapping portal

Surface Analysis - WPC

Surface Observations (METARs) - Aviation Weather Center

United States and U.S. Territories  - includes 2-day history

International - includes 24-hour summary


Regional Weather Round-ups

eastern New York & western New England

Vermont, New Hampshire & northern New York

Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Connecticut

New York City Metro, Long Island, New Jersey & southern New England


Upper Air Data

Soundings - includes archived data

Surface & Upper Air Maps - includes archived data


Temperature & Precipitation

Regional Max/Min Temperatures & Precipitation Table - RTP
Daily Hydrologic Observations - HYD

Monthly Precipitation Totals - HYM

Precipitation Analysis

Public Information Statement - may contain rain, snow and/or wind gust reports

Weekly Crop Report (NY) - seasonal



Interactive Snowfall Information - NOHRSC

24-hour Snowfall  --- Weekly Archive - NEFRC

Snow Depth --- Weekly Archive - NEFRC