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Hazardous Weather Outlook (HWO)

Outlook for potential advisories, watches, and warnings in the next 7 days across southeast SC/GA and the adjacent coastal waters

NWS Enhanced Data Display (EDD)

Enhanced Data Display

Experimental GIS-centric meteorological display interface that can display a wide range of data including observations, forecasts, radar, satellite, hazards, weather model data and much more


Weather Briefing Presentation

Summary of potential impacts from hazardous weather across southeast SC and northern portions of southeast GA

Enhanced Graphics

Enhanced Forecast Graphics

Local forecast graphics of various parameters such as maximum/minimum temperature, maximum winds/wind gusts, maximum heat index, and minimum wind chill

Current Conditions

Latest Surface Analysis

Surface Observations

Surface weather observations and analyses

South Carolina | Georgia


Marine Portal

Marine/Tide Observations

Marine observations and forecasts, including sea surface temperatures and tides

NWS Charleston Marine | National Data Buoy Center | Tides | Water Temperatures


Charleston, SC Radar

Doppler Radar Imagery

WSR-88D doppler radar imagery covering southeast SC and GA

Southeast U.S. | National

Additional nearby radars: Columbia, SC | Wilmington, NC | Robins AFB, GA | Moody AFB, GA | Jacksonville, FL

Rivers/Lakes AHPS


The Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS) provides forecasts and observations for river, lake and tide levels

Observed Precipitation Amounts


Latest IR Satellite Image

Satellite Imagery

GOES imagery and more

Eastern U.S. Visible | Loop
Eastern U.S. Infrared | Loop
Local Visible | Loop
Local Infrared Satellite | Loop


Severe Thunderstorms

Current Watches

Current Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Watches (issued by the Storm Prediction Center)

Severe Weather Watch County Notification (WCN)

Storm Prediction Center Mesoscale Outlooks

Current Discussions

Current Mesoscale Discussions (issued by the Storm Prediction Center)

Storm Prediction Center Thunderstorm Outlooks

Severe Thunderstorm Outlooks

Outlooks indicating the probability for severe thunderstorms (issued by the NWS Storm Prediction Center)

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Days 4-8

Storm Prediction Center Mesoscale Analysis

Mesoscale Analysis

Mesoscale analysis of current (and past) weather conditions (from the Storm Prediction Center)

Storm Reports

Storm Reports

Preliminary reports of tornadoes, hail and strong winds

Local: Map | Text

Report Severe Weather/Damage To Us

Phone: #888-383-2024
Twitter: @NWSCharlestonSC

Additional Severe Weather Information


Text Products

Flash Flood Watch | Flash Flood Warning | Flash Flood Statement

Rainfall/Precip. Reports

CoCoRaHS Maps
Local CoCoRaHS Summary
AHPS Precipitation Analysis
Storm Reports: Map | Text
Public Information Statement

WPC Precipitaton Forecasts

Precipitation Forecasts

Precipitation amount forecasts (issued by the NWS Weather Prediction Center)

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Days 1-2 | Days 1-3 | Days 4-7 | 7-Day Total | Probablistic forecasts

WPC's Day 1 Excessive Rainfall Forecast

Excessive Rainfall Outlooks

Excessive rainfall potential outlooks (issued by the NWS Weather Prediction Center)

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

SERFC Precipitation Forecast

NWS Southeast River Forecast Center Products

Various observed and forecast precipitation products for the Southeast U.S.

48-hour Outlook | Observed Precip | Forecast Precip

Rainfall Forecast Graphic

Storm total rainfall forecast graphic, normally only issued for significant events

Check date to ensure the image is current!

Report Flooding To Us

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Twitter: @NWSCharlestonSC

SERFC Precipitation Forecast

U.S. Drought Monitor

A synthesis of multiple indices and impacts that represents a consensus of federal and academic scientists regarding drought conditions


Additional Rainfall/Precipitation Information

Tropical Weather

Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook

Tropical Weather Outlook

Probability of tropical cyclone formation within the next several days

5-day Outlook

Storm Surge Inundation Probability Forecasts

Storm Surge/Inundation

Probabilistic storm surge/inundation forecasts (mainly only available when a Hurricane Watch or Warning is in effect)


Additional Tropical Weather Information

Fire Weather

Storm Prediction Center Day One Fire Weather Outlook

National Fire Weather Outlooks

Fire weather outlooks for the U.S. (issued by the NWS Storm Prediction Center)

Day 1 | Day 2 | Days 3-8

Significant Wildland Fire Potential Outlooks

Monthly/seasonal outlooks for signficant wildland fire potential (issued by Predictive Services)


Additional Fire Weather Information

Winter Weather

Text Products

Winter Weather Message
Local Storm Reports
Public Information Statement
Current Observations

Check date/time to ensure the product is current.

Enhanced Graphics

Enhanced Forecast Graphics

Minimum Temperature
Minimum Wind Chill
Storm Total Ice Accum.
Storm Total Snow Accum.

Day 1 Winter Weather Probabiliities

Snow/Ice Probability Graphics

Probability of snow reaching or exceeding 4, 8 and 12 inches and the probability of freezing rain reaching or exceeding 0.25 inches (from the NWS Weather Prediction Center)

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

Winter Weather Impact Graphics

National Impact Graphics

Experimental products depicting model-derived winter weather impacts



Report Snow/Ice Amounts and Damage To Us

Phone: #888-383-2024
Twitter @NWSCharlestonSC


Additional Winter Weather Information

National Outlooks

NWS National Hazards Assessment

U.S. Hazards Outlook

Outlook of potential hazards related to climate, weather and hydrological events


8-14 Day Outlooks

Climate Outlooks

8-14 Day: Temp | Precip

1-Month  |  3-Month