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NWS Charleston issues forecasts specifically for federal and state land management agencies to assist with their prescribed fire/wildfire activities. The forecasts focus on wind, relative humidity and smoke management parameters like mixing height and transport wind.


Observed Fire Danger Rating

Fire Danger Rating

Observed fire danger rating (from the National Fire Danger Rating System)

Forecast Fire Danger Rating

Storm Prediction Center Day One Fire Weather Outlook

Fire Weather Outlooks

Dangerous fire weather outlooks (issued by the NWS Storm Prediction Center)

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3-8


Local Graphical Fire Weather Forecasts

Graphical Fire Weather Forecasts

Forecast graphics of various weather/fire weather parameters across southeast SC/GA

Local Forecast Graphics

Enhanced forecast graphics of temps, winds, and relative humidity across southeast SC/GA

Wx Activity Planner icon

Weather Activity Planner

Graphical display of selected  weather/fire weather forecast elements for your location

Hourly Weather Graph

Hourly Weather Graph

Graphical display of various forecast elements every hour through the next 7 days for your location


NWS Charleston Fire Weather Products

NWS Fire Weather Products

NWS Climate Products

Fire Danger/Fuel Moisture Products

National/Regional/State Fire Agencies

State Annual Operating Plans