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The Charleston, South Carolina forecast office of the National Weather Service is a 24x7x365 operation that has weather forecast and severe weather warning responsibility for 8 counties in southeast South Carolina, 12 counties in northern portions of southeast Georgia and a portion of the Atlantic Ocean waters from the Santee River in South Carolina to the Altamaha River in Georgia. We routinely issue a variety of observational/forecast products, including specialized products for the aviation, marine, fire, hydrology and climate communities.  We also issue watches, warnings and advisories as needed for hazardous weather. In addition, we are one of many forecast offices that routinely release weather balloons twice per day to collect upper-air observations for our weather computer models. Lastly, we work closely with federal, state and local government officials to educate them on weather hazards/risks and assist with their critical public safety decisions. Check out the videos below to learn more about what we do!

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Virtual Tour

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Office History

Learn about the history of our office and the evolution of weather observations at both Charleston and Savannah.
Charleston History Timeline     |     Savannah History Timeline


Office Newsletter

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Office Staff


Brian Haines (Meteorologist-in-Charge)
Ron Morales (Warning Coordination Meteorologist)
Steve Rowley (Science and Operations Officer)
Arthur Patrick (Electronic Systems Analyst)


Julie Packett (Administrative Support Assistant)
Jeffrey Stewart (Information Technology Officer)
Dwight Koehn (Observation Program Leader)

Electronics Technicians

Russell Dreifus
Scott Edwards

Lead Meteorologists

Brian Adam 
Neil Dixon 
Blair Holloway 
Pete Mohlin 
Steven Taylor 


Doug Berry 
Michael Stroz 
Jonathan Lamb 
Emily McGraw 
Rebecca Shaw 
Brittany MacNamara
Courtney Maskell