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Illinois Winter Weather Preparedness

Daily Topics

Preparedness Week Agenda

Winter Preparedness Week Info





Winter Storms Can Be Deadly

          Winter Preparedness At Home at Work

Past Winter Events




 Winter Hazards

Winter Hazards

Winter Hazards

Winter Hazards






Outdoor Safety

OutdoorSafety OutdoorSafety OutdoorSafety




 Winter Preparedness

Winter Preparedness: At Home and Work

Winter Preparedness: Winterize Your Vehicle

Winter Preparedness: Survival Kit for Your Vehicle




Fire Safety


Precipitation Type


Winter Fire Safety


Precipitation Types



Courtesy of NWS New York, NY




Travel Safety

Travel Safety

Travel Safety

Travel Safety

Travel Safety

Travel Safety

Travel Safety

Video of multi-vehicle pileup on December 8, 2013 in Wisconsin




 Winter Weather Reporting

How To Measure Snow

How To Measure Ice

River Ice Spotting





Report your precipitation type through the mPing App!



How to measure snow!

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